Could your rights be violated at work without your knowledge? If you’ve experienced the following situations, the answer is yes!

Every employee, regardless of their position within a company, is guaranteed certain rights under federal and California state laws. Often times an employee may feel that they are being treated unfairly pertaining to breaks, wages paid and reimbursements owed to them; however uncertainty about their actual legal rights prevents them from seeking help.


Questions to ask yourself about the most commonly violated wage & hour laws:


Did I work more than 5 hours consecutively without a 30-minute break?

In California, employers are mandated to provide a half hour mealtime to all employees after they work five hours on the job.


Have I used my car, computer or other personal items for work activities?

When employees are forced to use their personal vehicle for job related travel employers must provide a mileage reimbursement. Other reimbursements may be due for personal items used for work activities, such as a laptop or cell phone.


Has my company reimbursed me for required items I purchased for my job?  (Such as uniforms, tools etc.)

Companies that require their employees to use certain equipment not provided by them, or wear specific dress attire, must pay back staff for any out of pocket expenses incurred for purchasing these items.


Am I paid on salary but regularly work over 40 hours a week?

If your employer has wrongly classified you as an exempt employee you may be owed back wages for any hours worked after the first 40.


Do I pay fees to cash my company’s out-of-state payroll check?

California labor code strictly prohibits requiring employees to pay a check charge or cashing fee for a payroll check if their employer’s home office is located in another state.

If you are employed by a California business and can answer yes to any of these questions, contact The Soliman Firm to request a free paycheck evaluation and a free consultation to help determine if your employer has cheated you out of money owed to you.

We have a strong history of successfully obtaining verdicts and settlements on behalf of employees whose rights have been violated, and will use every resource at our disposal to help you get the compensation you are entitled to under the law.