Hear It From Our Clients
  • I can't but praise and recommend The Soliman Firm
    Steven and his team did a great job on my case from the minute I called for consultation till the end of the process, Steven was proactive, listened, and gave me advice on way forward, managing my expectations and making sure I understand the process in details.

    - Toni G.

  • Highly recommend!
    My five-year-old nephew was in a burn accident recently and I consulted with Steven on his situation. Steven was very caring and his number one priority was ensuring my nephew was in good condition.
    He walked me through the next steps for care and assessed any legal situations he could assist with. Even though we did not require Steven's assistance, he made sure everything was taken care of and followed up with any questions we had.
    I highly recommend The Soliman Firm for anyone looking for a caring and professional injury attorney.

    - Eddie M.

  • Thank you!

    I would highly recommend Steven to anybody that is in need of a personal injury attorney. The care he gives to his clients is evident and I have full confidence referring him to any of my family or friends.

    - Sam B.

  • The most amazing law firm
    I have to write a review about this Lawfirm. Even though they don't take the type of cases I have, Steven and his assistant Silvia were the most Amazing Lawfirm I have talked to yet. I lost faith in lawyers in my journey for the right ones, but for anyone looking for a personal injury firm, this is the one for you. Steven personally called me and gave me his cell phone. Spent over an hour listening to my story, even though they don't handle my types of cases, he told me to call him for advice or to talk about anything I needed. He is kind and compassionate, and so calming.  I felt better just talking to him! This firm is so very rare. Thank You for your kindness to me. I will never forget it.

    - Dawn F.

  • It is hard to express how impressed I am with Steven
    A trusted friend recently referred me to Steven for a particular challenge I had regarding an accident out of state.  I was reluctant to engage because I knew it would likely not be of any benefit to Steven (I have other attorney friends and they often talk about the grind of 'free legal advice').  In any event, I was up against a time crunch and trusted the person who referred me - so I reached out.  

    It is hard to express how impressed I am with Steven.  He didn't just help me out with a little advice, or give me a direction and say, "go...".  He met with me, listened, asked questions, and told me he'd do some digging.  I thanked him for his time and didn't expect much more.  Over the next 48 hours, I heard from him multiple times, got communication in the evenings, and felt like he was actually working for me...  My situation is still being worked out but I needed to express my thanks and recommendation for Steven.  He has a real servant spirit and is a model for helping clients as his guide.

    - Johnny B.

  • Highly recommend!
    Steven Soliman helped me with a personal injury case after I was involved in a really serious accident and suffered severe and life-changing injuries. After a long battle in court with the insurance company, he won my case and got me the money I needed to pay for my future medical care.
    Steven and his team were so accessible and caring throughout the experience and I highly recommend The Soliman Firm to anyone looking for a great law firm.

    - Mira H.

  • Go see them first

    The Soliman firm is simply the best! The attention to detail, patience, and professionalism is second to none. There are hundreds of attorneys out there to choose from but working with Steven from the Soliman firm would simply be a great choice, personal injury, employment law, go see them first.

    - Joel C.

  • I am so grateful!!
    Steven is wonderful! I am so grateful!!
    I will always refer my friends and family to him. He is caring, wise, diligent, trustworthy, very quick to respond and he always responds back. Steven is a fantastic lawyer and as a young lady, it was so nice to have a man like him on my side!

    - Nicole B.

  • He makes people feel so comfortable
    Steven is a great attorney. He makes people feel so comfortable with his knowledge of the law. I know several people who have worked with him also and they have had nothing but positive things to say about his professional ethics.

    - Amanda D.

  • Goes above & beyond
    If you're looking for someone who is passionate about what he does, does his research, and keeps you fully informed about your rights and what can and cannot be done, The Soliman Firm is the right choice. He keeps your best interest in mind for you and your family...goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and that the law is upheld! Thank you, Steven.

    - S. B.

  • Steven Soliman is a consummate professional

    What can I say! Steven Soliman is a consummate professional. Last year I was blindsided in a wreck and Steven was there for us in every way imaginable; I couldn't ask for more. If you're looking for a dedicated lawyer that will fight for you, then look no further!

    - Kevin A.

  • Steven is my number one guy!

    I cannot say enough great things about Steven Soliman and the Soliman Firm. They really know how to help those individuals who are struggling with labor and employment issues, including discrimination and wrongful termination. Steven is my number one guy! Thank you, Steven.

    - Leah M.

  • Zealous advocate

    Each time I meet with Steven, I am more and more impressed.  He is intelligent, compassionate & a zealous advocate on behalf of his clients.  My personal interaction with him has been on an employment law matter (wage & hour violations, sexual harassment, and discrimination).

    - Amanda D.

  • Steven is the best person to handle your case!

    It's no easy task to find a good lawyer who can represent you and understand the issues and problems you are facing; to be on your side and work diligently. When your life, livelihood, and your family's future is at stake, you need someone who truly has your interest at heart, will do their very best, and will communicate well - Steven is the best person to handle your case!

    - Sheryl N.

  • He is a reputable guy

    Every time I come to see Steven he exceeds my expectations with his level of knowledge, dedication, and willingness to help. Even if it his not his field of law he will refer you to a reputable source because he is a reputable guy.

    - Kae M.

  • Mr. Soliman is a rare gem

    Mr. Soliman is a rare gem.  He is among the brightest elite and one of the hardest working attorneys I know.  Rest assured that he will handle your unique situation with the utmost level of care and professionalism.  Look no further.  You have found your attorney.

    - Leon N.

  • He is excellent

    I've worked with Mr. Soliman on two cases and he was excellent each time. He helps me with a case where my client lost his vehicle accident in Arizona.  It was a Major injury case and his input was crucial. He also helped with a case where my client, a pedestrian crossing the street, and southern OC, and again he pointed out issues that most lawyers would miss.

    - Sherif E.

  • He gave me such a generous amount of consultation

    Steven was very quick to respond to my urgent issue. He gave me such a generous amount of consultation time and efficiently helped me decide which direction to go. His advice, energy, and analysis was amazing for such little time we had. He is a great advocate and I would recommend him to anyone facing an overwhelming legal issue or who needs an expert on their side. Thank you so much for all of your help Steven!

    - Bekka G.

  • He goes above & beyond

    Steve Soliman has gone above and beyond for me. I have yet to see the response from the other party, but the fact that he has taken steps to right the wrongdoing on behalf of my previous employer has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I am so grateful to have someone so knowledgeable of the law on my side. I was getting nowhere trying to fight my employer on my own. Mr. Soliman has restored my faith that there are still good people in this world.

    - Lori P.

  • He is a true plaintiff's advocate

    I have worked with Attorney Steven Soliman, and there are a few things I can confidently say. He is a true plaintiff's advocate. Steven does not believe in allowing corporations or wrongdoers to crush the little guy, and he fights for the rights of his plaintiffs. He is passionate about his work, and I would trust him with my own case. Definitely a 5-star plaintiff's attorney.

    - Aria M.

  • He game me wealth of knowledge

    After tirelessly searching for an attorney to represent my case, I stumbled across Steven of The Soliman Firm who was quick to schedule me for a one-on-one consultation and provided me with a wealth of knowledge concerning my rights. Steven understood the merit of my case, and the strategy to be used, from our first meeting. He thoroughly explained each step of the way and was always available to offer his advice and support. Steven timely negotiated the deal I was hoping for and kept me grounded and confident throughout my case. I highly recommend Steven of The Soliman Firm and I am exceptionally grateful he took my case.

    - Amir T.