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While riding a motorcycle is a great way to combat traffic and appreciate the gorgeous weather in Orange County, it is unwise to be a motorcycle rider without also being aware of the risks that are faced on a daily basis. From distracted drivers to the danger of 18-wheelers and other unsafe encounters on the road, it is extremely important that those who ride motorcycles are aware of these factors so they can navigate the roads with caution.

In addition to being aware of the risks, motorcycle riders should also be aware of their options regarding compensation should they wind up in an accident involving motorcycles. While there are many reasons an accident can occur, the majority of motorcycle accidents are a result of the other driver violating the motorcyclist’s right of way—meaning these accidents do not put the motorcycle rider at fault.

Because accidents involving motorcycles can lead to property loss, medical bills, and other complications, knowing what to do should a crash occur, how to be careful, and what compensation you may be eligible for can help keep you protected both before and after a motorcycle accident in Orange County. At The Soliman Firm, PLC, our Orange County motorcycle accident attorney will be happy to assess your motorcycle accident case during a free consultation. Or, for more information about motorcycle accidents in Orange County, read on.

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Motorcycle Accident Facts & Figures

With over 8.6 million motorcycles registered in the United States, the topic of motorcycle accidents affects the lives of many people across the country. While it may seem dismal to discuss, understanding the dangers you face every day on the roads of Costa Mesa will help you be prepared and protected should you encounter a hazardous situation.

While it might seem like common knowledge that motorcycle accidents lead to more fatalities than car accidents, the actual statistics surrounding this can be shocking. Motorcycle riders are about 27 times more likely to die in a crash compared to those that drive other motor vehicles, and California motorcycle deaths make up over 15% of all roadway fatalities in the state.

Fatalities aside, the rates of those who get injured in a motorcycle accident are also staggering—in the most recent reporting available, motorcycle accidents lead to over 88,000 injuries per year. This means that over 88,000 motorcyclists have incurred medical expenses and had an interruption in their life, which many times were at the fault of someone else.

That is why knowledge of a trustworthy Orange County motorcycle accident attorney is so valuable, so you can immediately schedule a free consultation and begin seeking compensation if you get injured in a motorcycle accident and incur medical bills due to someone else’s negligence.

Who Is Responsible for a Motorcycle Accident?

In the case of a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, there are several parties that might have the potential to be held liable:

  • Other drivers in the event of an accident caused by distracted driving, traffic law violation, or other negligence on their part.
  • Truck drivers in the event of an accident with an 18-wheeler.
  • The city, county, or Department of Transportation if your accident was due to poor road conditions, unmarked hazards, or other preventable danger on the roadway.
  • The motorcycle company if you were sold a malfunctioning motorcycle that caused your accident.

While filing a claim with the responsible party’s insurance is always the first step in seeking compensation after an accident involving motorcycles, insurance companies typically only offer the bare minimum unless they are pressured by an experienced Orange County motorcycle accident attorney to make the proper amends. That is why seeking a law firm as soon as possible following your accident involving motorcycles for a free consultation will help ensure you are able to recoup your expenses.

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What to Do If You Have Been in a Motorcycle Accident in Orange County?

If you find yourself in an accident involving motorcycles in Orange County, especially one caused by someone else’s negligence, you will want to take action as soon as possible to seek the compensation you deserve. Taking the right steps after an accident will not only help you be protected from complications but having the right documentation in place will help you build your case should you choose to pursue one.

Here is what you should do if you are in a motorcycle accident in Costa Mesa:

  • Put Safety First: Priority number one is putting safety first, to ensure there are no more damages at the scene. Always be sure 911 is contacted immediately, whether by you or a bystander, and that police and an ambulance are called to the accident site. Even if you do not feel the need for medical attention, it is important to see a doctor as many serious injuries do not manifest right away due to adrenaline. Ensure a thorough accident report is documented by responding police officers and take care to keep all of your medical bills and documentation in order.
  • Collect Evidence from the Scene: Obtaining evidence from the scene of your motorcycle accident can be extremely useful if you pursue a motorcycle accident claim. Injuries permitting, it is best to gather the evidence yourself, but do not be afraid to ask for help. Some evidence to focus on includes:
    • Photos and videos of the accident scene. Take general pictures of the accident and the surrounding environment, as well as close-ups of any relevant details that might need a closer shot to capture.
    • Contact information and reports from all eyewitnesses, recording their accounts if they consent. Have them focus on the details of what happened before the accident and any clear negligence they saw taking place before the crash occurred.
    • Record your own events of what happened, either in writing or via audio recording. While the time after a motorcycle accident is stressful and chaotic, making records of everything as quickly as possible will ensure you do not forget any pertinent details with time as the adrenaline and shock wear off.
    • Note any relevant information that could have contributed to the accident (i.e. signs that block visibility, poor road conditions, etc.). Also, be sure to diagram where you and the other driver were and what direction you were heading at the time of the crash.
  • Get in Touch with a Qualified Southern California Motorcycle Accident Attorney: In motorcycle accident claims, you unfortunately cannot rely on the insurance company to take care of you and provide adequate compensation. That is why contacting a qualified motorcycle accident attorney in Orange County for a free consultation right away will be helpful. The law firm will work for you to preserve evidence, converse with the insurance company, and fight for you to get your well-deserved compensation to repay your medical expenses and other expenses accrued because of the motorcycle accident.

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Costa Mesa

Given the number of cars and motorcycles on the road, there are many reasons a motorcycle crash can happen in Orange County. While no two crashes are the same, it is wise for those who ride a motorcycle to be aware of the most common types of accidents involving motorcycles that occur so they can be safe throughout Southern California.

Common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

  • Head-On Collision: While all types of motorcycle crashes are dangerous, head-on collisions are some of the most alarming. When a car swerves into a motorcyclists’ lane before they have time to react, the collision between the front of the car and the motorcycle can be devastating.
  • Left-Hand Turn: Because the visibility of motorcycle riders can be low, especially to impatient drivers, motorists often fail to yield and strike a motorcycle rider going straight through an intersection. Given this information, it is no wonder that a study of motorcycle accidents in Orange County cited these to be the most common type of accident motorcycle riders face. In almost all scenarios, the driver would automatically be at fault in this situation, and the motorcyclist should be able to seek compensation for their injuries.
  • Lane Splitting: Lane splitting by motorcycles is legal in Southern California and can be a perfectly safe practice if done cautiously. Unfortunately, drivers do not always watch out for lane-splitting motorcycles, which is where accidents can occur. Drivers who switch lanes recklessly or make other sudden maneuvers are putting themselves and motorcyclists at risk, and accidents caused due to this negligence can be severe.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Because those who ride a motorcycle are less protected than drivers of vehicles are, poor road hazards can impact a motorcycle much more than a car. Untreated potholes, gravel, slick road paint, inadequate signage, broken traffic signals, inadequate drainage, uneven lanes, and debris that has not been properly addressed can cause a serious motorcycle accident.
  • Distracted Driving: Distracted drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings, causing them to be especially dangerous for motorcyclists that carry lower visibility. While distracted driving is mainly associated with cell phone use, drivers can also be distracted by passengers, the radio, eating, drinking, or any other activity they perform in their car that makes the road their secondary focus. Regardless of what a driver is doing, any time they are looking away from the road is time spent not watching out for motorcyclists and other drivers.
  • General Traffic Violations: Whether it is due to being rushed, distracted, or otherwise, drivers make bad decisions on the road every day, and these decisions affect motorcycle drivers the most. Speeding, failure to yield, running stop signs, or general reckless behavior are all serious offenses that can put other drivers’ lives on the line and cause accidents.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

While motorcycle accident injuries can vary greatly, there are some that tend to be more common after a motorcycle accident in Orange County. Whether the accident that occurs is a dramatic crash or something that would be considered a “fender bender,” those who ride a motorcycle are always at a higher risk of being injured in an accident. Even for motorcyclists who always wear protective gear, accidents involving motorcycles can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Some of the most common types of injuries that result from a motorcycle accident are:

  • Fractured or Broken Bones: If your body collides with the vehicle in question or gets thrown from the motorcycle, a fractured or broken bone is extremely likely. Though fractures are a common injury for people of all ages, it is important that they are not discounted following a motorcycle accident. Broken bones typically take weeks or months to heal, sometimes requiring periods of rehabilitation or physical therapy so you are able to regain your coordination and range of motion. This, in addition to the required X-Rays and treatment materials such as boots, casts, or splints can accrue enormous medical bills that motorcycle riders generally should not be responsible for. For severe fractures or shattered bones, reconstructive surgery may also be a necessity, which is a procedure that creates a long road to recovery and can cause a lifelong ailment if it is unable to be totally repaired.
  • Face & Head Injuries: While wearing a helmet is required by law and a good step to keeping yourself safe, helmets simply cut down on the rate of head injuries and are not guaranteed to totally prevent them. For this reason, it is not uncommon for riders who have been thrown from their bikes to still face concussions, as well as face injuries if they do not wear a helmet shield. While these injuries would be far more significant if a helmet was not worn, they are still serious and require medical attention and recovery time for riders.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: A brain injury is extremely dangerous and can alter a motorcycle rider’s quality of life permanently. Even the mildest cases of traumatic brain injury can result in loss of function, requiring extensive recovery time. These typically occur when there is a strong impact between a rider’s head and another vehicle, object, or the road, and can lead to significant medical expenses due to their severe nature.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries occur when there is an interruption of communication with the brain and the spinal cord. These can result in numbness, loss of function, and paralysis, and they can be short-term, long-term, or life-long injuries. These are extremely serious and can lead to an altered quality of life and many accrued medical expenses as you work through treatment and recovery.
  • Internal Injuries: While internal injuries do not often have external symptoms present, they are still very real and can be serious. The traumatic impact from a motorcycle accident can cause damage to organs, ribs, and other essential parts of the body, leading to damage, internal bleeding, and hemorrhaging in some cases. Because internal injuries can go unnoticed, it is recommended that motorcyclists always get medical attention following an accident to check for these hidden injuries that can cause serious side effects.

What Types of Damages Are Involved in Motorcycle Accident Cases?

A motorcycle accident is not just a dramatic occurrence in someone’s life—it is a serious event that can cause injury, medical bills, and long-lasting mental health effects. That is why Orange County motorcycle accident lawyers account for the entire picture, ensuring injured victims get the compensation they deserve.

Some of the damages that can be accrued due to motorcycle accidents in Orange County are:

  • Medical Expenses: It is always recommended that victims of motorcycle crashes receive medical attention because shock and adrenaline can mask many injury symptoms. If there are injuries, injured victims accrue bills from every visit, examination, procedure, and treatment administered, which quickly add up—especially if the injuries are severe. If your motorcycle accident in Orange County was due to someone else’s negligence, it is wise to keep track of your medical expenses so you can seek compensation for the expenses you have obtained.
  • Motorcycle Repairs: While your health and well-being are the most important things, the property value loss that can result from a motorcycle crash is worth mentioning because it can be significant. Many times, motorcycles cannot be repaired and must be fully replaced after an accident, and depending on insurance coverage, riders may not be awarded enough to purchase a comparable model.
  • Lost Wages: Even minor injuries can prevent you from working, forcing injured victims to utilize earned vacation days or miss work without pay as they focus on healing. The wages lost from this can often be recouped in a motorcycle accident case because injured victims deserve compensation for any missed wages as a result of the wreck.
  • Pain & Suffering Losses: While settlements are often thought of in terms of cost and expenditure, it is important to respect the fact that a severe motorcycle accident will have more than a financial impact on your life. Many injured accident victims suffer from trauma, stress, and grief for the abilities they have lost. While there is no amount of money that will make these negative feelings disappear, your motorcycle accident lawyer can determine the amount and seek compensation for the pain and suffering you have had to endure due to someone else’s negligence.
  • Future Accrued Costs: Depending on how quickly your motorcycle accident lawsuit is resolved, you might still be undergoing treatment for injuries or might have to seek continued medical help for the remainder of your life. Calculating the costs you will accrue in your future is an important part of your claim, because that is money that you would not have to pay if you had not been in the motorcycle accident to begin with.
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Motorcycle Laws in California

  • Obtaining a California motorcycle license is similar to obtaining a driver’s license, requiring a driving, knowledge, and skills test.
  • Applicants over 21 are strongly encouraged to take a motorcycle safety course, though it is not required.
  • All motorcyclists are required to wear a DOT-certified helmet at all times.
  • Motorcycles must be equipped with proper mirrors, well-adjusted handlebars, and working turn signals.
  • There is no law prohibiting lane splitting in California, but experts recommend using extreme caution.
  • There are requirements for minimum insurance and accident reporting for California motorcyclists that are important to note.

By being aware of these laws, motorcyclists can make sure they are operating their motorcycle in a safe and legal way at all times, cutting down their risk for accident and injury due to a motorcycle accident.

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