What Do I Look for When Choosing a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

While it is important to find a semi-truck accident attorney as quickly as you are able to, it is equally important to do your research and find a lawyer that is right for you. If you have been injured or had a loved one pass away due to a truck accident, researching lawyers may feel like too overwhelming of a task—but finding the right one will make the entire process of seeking compensation much easier. If you are searching for a qualified attorney to represent you, here are the qualities to seek out:

Extensive Years of Legal Experience

Lawyers will generally have information on their website regarding their degree, work experience, any special recognition or awards, and other relevant information regarding why they should be your first choice when seeking legal representation. Because truck accident cases are generally complex, finding someone who has a legal background that has prepared them adequately for the case and with a number of years of experience is a wise choice.

An Expert in Truck Accident Cases

There are many types of lawsuits that can be filed, meaning there are many types of legal specialties that a lawyer can pursue. Truck accidents are a unique and niche subject (and can be very different than a “normal” car accident) for several reasons: trucking companies have access to extensive legal teams, usually have multiple insurance policies, and fight hard to protect their reputation even though their driver may be at fault. For these reasons, it is wise to choose a lawyer not only based on their overall years of experience but also based on their experience in specific regard to truck accident cases. The level of on-the-job expertise that comes from working on truck accident lawsuits is invaluable, which is something you will want to keep in mind during your search.

Experience With Taking Cases to Trial

Unfortunately, many law firms are more concerned with closing cases than with actually getting their clients the compensation they are owed, which can result in clients feeling pressured to accept unfair settlements and avoid going to trial. While a settlement can be a great option if it is a fair deal for the victim of the accident, receiving an adequate insurance payout will often involve a courtroom proceeding. Going to trial requires extreme preparation, quick thinking, and extensive knowledge of the situation on your lawyer’s part, and you will want to make sure they are both able and willing to take your case to trial if that is what is required for you to receive a fair deal. When you have your initial consultation with your lawyer, ask them about their experience in the courtroom to gauge both their experience level and if they would be the type to discourage you from fighting for your case.

Access to Helpful Resources

Though you likely had a report filed at the scene of the accident, a police report never tells the entire story of fault and negligence that contribute to an accident with an 18-wheeler. A truck accident attorney will have access to ample resources such as accident reconstruction experts, roadway engineers, medical professionals, actuaries, and other expert officials who can help fill in the missing details of your case that are necessary to establish fault. These resources are not always available to the general public or every lawyer—it is smart to ask questions about your potential attorney’s relationship with the experts they rely on in these types of cases.

The Ability to Be Available for Questions

For the majority of people who file truck accident lawsuits, it is their first time with any involvement at all in the legal world. Even if you do have some experience with litigation, it is normal for there to be plenty of questions throughout the process. Because your attorney serves as your liaison and your legal support throughout the trial, you want to be sure that they will be open to your questions and take the time to provide you with accurate, thoughtful answers. Legal situations can be extremely confusing with each case being unique—and though each lawyer is busy, it is important that you seek out one that will make time for you. Finding a truck accident attorney who positions themselves as a helpful force in your life will ensure that you can gain a full understanding of every step of the process.

An Understanding and Compassionate Approach

An accident with an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle is a traumatic life event, and the outcome of your truck accident case will have a large impact on your well-being. While your lawsuit is designed to give you your well-deserved compensation from the offending party, there is still a need for healing, recovery, and compassion throughout the process. Reliving the details to establish your case can be emotional and serve as a reminder of what you have endured. An understanding attorney will be patient and help you through these difficult conversations without pressure, so you can feel comfortable opening up and reviewing the details required to establish your case.

A Free Consultation

A truck accident lawyer usually will not charge you for an initial meeting, so seeking out an attorney that provides free consultations is a must. Clients should never have to pay for their first meeting with a lawyer—the lawyer does not know if they will be able to take your case, and the consultation is a chance for you to both get to know one another and determine if you would like to work together. A free consultation should be an open conversation without pressure or judgment. If you contact an 18-wheeler accident attorney who wants to charge for a consultation, it is best to keep searching until you find someone who matches up better with your needs.

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